Fruits of Amsterdam

So the book is here. In print. In Dutch bookstores. And on my bookshelf in New York.

It was an interesting experience to sell books at the expo, at a table between the good folks of Timex and my new and miraculously cheerful friend Angie of the Luxembourg Marathon. Many great conversations with fellow runners ensued as I was explaining my book to them. Some bought De rennende Hollander – which surprised me every time. I suppose it takes time to get used to having a book to talk about, to sell and sign it.

Two days on my feet, talking and talking and talking (and listening), without real meals or enough sleep, I felt that perhaps I didn’t prepare in an ideal manner for the Amsterdam Marathon. Still, it went well. The weather was stunning, sunny, cool and still – quite rare in the rainy Netherlands. I squeezed out a 3:03, improving on my 3:11 PR in Boston.

I retell the race experience in English on the blog of the New York Flyers, my running club. A Dutch blog entry will be posted on (and here) soon.

A quote by Albert Schweitzer actually made me smile through the pain at 38 KM. He defined happiness as ‘nothing more than good health and a poor memory’. As I am feeling great through running, and as I’m looking forward to New York on November 7 through conveniently forgetting the pain in Amsterdam, I say Amen.


One thought on “Fruits of Amsterdam

  1. My friend, 3h03 after two days of book-signing, what a feat. I can’t wait to see what you’ll do after two rest days. 3 minutes: it’s a lot, and it’s not a lot. It’s 6.9 seconds per mile, or 4.3 seconds per kilometer.
    You’re the best…

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