Why we run (IX)*


Anders in Olso, a free spirit running and stationary



Running makes you feels free in your mind, body and soul. When I run I feel relaxed. my thoughts flow with the running, allowing me to think about whatever it should be. When my feet are going, and the body follows, the rest is best.

Running is the only thing in life that is simple. You put on your shoes and you can start from anywhere. It is so easy to run, I understand why so many people run.

Often when I am away on work or holiday, I use running to guide my self and explore. You don’t need anything except your mind telling you to run. Running that way I have seen places I never would have seen without running. I just pick a road or a direction that looks good. If I wonder what’s in that direction, behind that corner, house, or mountain top – that’s where I’ll run.

When I look at my feet following the ground, I am happy, really happy. Sometimes it’s the only place to be happy: on your own feet. I just love it, feeling free.

*As I was writing my book I asked my running friends: Why do you run? Their answers varied wildly. Put together they provide a pretty good answer to the ultimate question that is at the heart of my book. In the end I was unable to include these thoughtful, honest answers in De rennende Hollander. During the coming weeks I will publish them here, one a day, with minimal editing. As I get ready for the Amsterdam Marathon, re-reading these words provides me with new inspiration every time.


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