Why we run (VIII)*


LT after one of my NYC marathons - before she ran her own marathon in Philadelphia



Running is like life. It’s a solo journey that reveals different aspects of the self. There are inevitable peaks and valleys – on long runs I go deep into my body and get out of my mind, bringing me closer to my true self. On good runs I feel light, connected, euphoric. On difficult runs I push through, learn, evolve. I run in order to discover myself. I run to feel free, alive, alone but connected to something greater. Ultimately I run for the same reason why I dance – it just feels good!

*As I was writing my book I asked my running friends: Why do you run? Their answers varied wildly. Put together they provide a pretty good answer to the ultimate question that is at the heart of my book. In the end I was unable to include these thoughtful, honest answers in De rennende Hollander. During the coming weeks I will publish them here, one a day, with minimal editing. As I get ready for the Amsterdam Marathon, re-reading these words provides me with new inspiration every time.


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