Why we run (IV)*


Running with Chris, a running legend

It’s about the idea of not having to think about anything, and at the same time a chance to work out the day’s and week’s complexities. About the individualistic nature of the sport, and in an opposite vein, the social aspect when its comes to training and running with a team. It’s also about the challenge of getting better – especially as I ascend into the ‘second’ half of my life. It’s about all of the  fantastic people and good friends I’ve made the last 6 years of serious running.

*As I was writing my book I asked my running friends: Why do you run? Their answers varied wildly. Put together they provide a pretty good answer to the ultimate question that is at the heart of my book. In the end I was unable to include these thoughtful, honest answers in De rennende Hollander. During the coming weeks I will publish them here, one a day, with minimal editing. As I get ready for the Amsterdam Marathon, re-reading these words provides me with new inspiration every time.


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