Why we run (II)*


Cécile (left), lover of marathons and beer

I run because I’m lucky to be alive and healthy. I run because it keeps me sane mentally. When I was young, my parents would leave the house every Saturday and Sunday for a run. I always wondered: ‘Why do they run? What are they running after?’ Now that you’re asking me why I run, I struggle to find an answer. It’s like asking me why I breathe: I just do. It’s part of me. Maybe I run because my parents run, quite simply.

*As I was writing my book I asked my running friends: Why do you run? Their answers varied wildly. Put together they provide a pretty good answer to the ultimate question that is at the heart of my book. In the end I was unable to include these thoughtful, honest answers in De rennende Hollander. During the coming weeks I will publish them here, one a day, with minimal editing. As I get ready for the Amsterdam Marathon, re-reading these words provides me with new inspiration every time.


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