Running while broken

Runners feel pain, of course, but they do not always react to it in a sane, human manner. I know of people running with excruciating blisters, loose toe nails, bleeding nipples, shin splints, cramps, inflamed tendons, and worse. The pain we often run with is simply part of the experience – I am convinced that running naturally elevates the pain threshold. The Buddhists as well as Nabokov believe that life is pain. We just accept and embrace it.

Case in point: yours truly. My right hand turns out to be broken in two places. Oops.

I can just hear some of my friends and relatives now: Let me get this right. You fell after 20K on the trails, you twice broke your hand, and then you ran another 30K at full capacity?

Exhibit A

I did.

Are you nuts?

Possibly. But I came in fifth! And I felt great. Well, aside from this annoying hand thing.

After ten days of pain, very limited use of the rather important hand, continued running, and lots of Aleve I’m just glad I did see my doctor today, who confirmed that a quick X-ray was key. I’ll now be seeing a specialist. But first, speedwork with the New York Flyers. I mean, it’s just a hand. And life is pain.


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