A few answers to questions that might come up

Isn’t it a bit late to start a blog?

You’re asking a guy who started to run somewhat seriously at age 36 and ran his best times  after turning 40?

You’re probably trying to sell something.

It is true that my book De rennende Hollander will appear in Dutch in October 2010. You guessed it, that means the running Dutchman. I will shamelessly promote it here, hoping we’ll get it published in English as well. It’s the least I owe my non Dutch speaking running friends who gracefully accepted that I use their names and stories in my book.

Why do you run?

It makes me feel like me – the way I want to be. Which is strong, moving forward, outside, and at peace. For more: please read my book.

Why not just spread the word on Twitter?

I enjoy having more than 140 characters. Although I may use my dormant Twitter account to promote my blog. Maybe even my passive Facebook page, as well!